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The lift containing Commander Draykus, Detective Kraaus and Lieutenant Luganis arrived at the emergency airlock just as Draykus's ship was making final adjustments to dock. Luganis swiped his badge to open the door and the three waited anxiously in the junction as Luganis reviewed his communications. "Serood's ship has undocked." Draykus looked at him intently. "What are Chief Laric's orders?" Luganis shook his head slightly, indicating that he was still collecting the necessary information over his radio. The airlock gently rolled open and the three men bolted dramatically into the small forward cabin of the ship. "Not much of a vessel for this sort of work Commander," Kraaus observed as he and Draykus took stations at tactical and the helm, respectively. "I use this clipper for pursuing fugitives. I had every intention of taking Serood myself, on the station, but I'm beginning to gather that something very unusual is going on. Anyway the cavalry is on its way." Draykus's clipper began sweeping around the perimeter of the station, weapons arming and defense matrices charging at the command of Kraaus. Luganis leaned in between them. "Laric is ordering them to stand down." Kraaus scoffed. "He's going to have to fire the station's weapons on that hauler Luganis." He shook his head again. "Right now they aren't threatening Kel Arcol. They could do considerable damage and we'd have to use the particle drivers to take them out quickly enough. The power of those weapons at such short range, the gravimetric forces alone--" "Lieutenant," Draykus interrupted, "I'll have no problem catching up to that ship, but there's no guarantee that I can disable them. I take it Serood has caused quite a few casualties... you may have an obligation to open fire regardless of my warrant." Luganis took a heavy breath and sighed. "I'll communicate that."

It was at this time that the Silvar vessel suddenly leapt into motion, taking a smooth but deliberate course toward Leshander's orbiting cell. Waves of energy rolled over the ship, which was shaped like two teardrops coming together at the front with an unknown propelling force emanating from its tails. Its polished sea green body gleamed in the light reflected by the dense rings of Arcolis as it passed ever closer to the planet and to the seat of Leshander's long repose. The good Doctor waited expectantly in the position dictated by the Silvar message, unable to completely contain his excitement at being near freedom after a period of such stagnancy. Though his mind had run free in captivity, his influence on matters of the Remnants, the artifacts that were his chief area of interest, had been suspended and left to simpletons. Now was the beginning of real progress, he thought, just as he began to see the Silvar ship hurdling toward him through the cell window.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I'll take that under advisement," Chief Laric answered into his earpiece and turned back to address his command center officers from above their sunken desks. "Gentlemen I want firing solutions on that cargo hauler, we'll hold off until it's safe but I don't want him getting away." The officers glanced at each other uneasily but then nodded to Laric and clacked away at their keyboards. The Chief climbed a few steps to the door of his office and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. Just as he reached for his cup, an unusual klaxon blared. Everyone in the command center froze as the "doooop woooop" sound continued. Still flustered by the current crisis, Laric stared incredulously back at the operators desks and managed to exclaim, "Which cell?!"

It was, of course, the proximity alarm on Leshander's cell. The Silvar ship was beginning to slow but still approached with considerable speed. Bizarrely, instead of impacting, the teardrop intersected with the cell as it came to a complete stop. Inside, Leshander could see everything in the vessel and in his room all at once. He marveled at the real life clipping error taking place before him. An elaborate looking ring came to rest on the floor immediately beneath him and he felt gently electrified for a moment. His hair stood on end and his skin tingled. This lasted only moments and then, as the Silvar ship began to move again, Leshander was pulled clear of his prison walls. "Remarkable," he remarked, looking up at the figure of the Silvar approaching him. "Eeeeaaaeeeaahh, welcome Leshander. We seek to continue our service. The device is located, we await your command, Aaaayo." The Silvar's speech was halted with a computerized tone, preceded and followed by hilarious, untranslatable expressions in its native tongue. The creature unfolded its long arm and spindly fingers, gesturing toward a screen displaying the aforementioned data and a seat with a neural interface. Leshander acknowledged the Silvar and, concluding that he was expected to use the interface, stepped toward it.

"I've got a lock!" Kraaus expressed excitedly as Serood's hauler came into view, steadily moving away from the station. "Alright Kraaus, stay on target, I want to get close first. We'll need all those missiles to count if we have to full-on engage them. Draykus piloted his clipper swiftly along an intercept course, focused on Serood but dreading the battle they now faced.
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"We've got to move!" I knew there wasn't much time to waste, Serood's ship with it's precious cargo was attempting to make it's escape. "Kraaus!!" Commander Draykus said with urgency. "Man the tactical station! I'll take the helm! We will catch this bastard yet!!" It was true, they would probably be able to catch Serood just fine. Hauler class ship's like Serood's were no match for Draykus' ship as far as speed was concerned. We took off with a burst out of the station in an attempt to thwart Serood's escape. While Draykus and I were busy trying to trace Serood's craft. Chief Laric was in constant communication, breaking what little concentration we had managed to put together. We were informed that there was another security alert, this one involving the isolation pods. It seems that the stations alert system had detected some sort of interference. "One problem at a time Chief, we will check on it as soon as possible," said Draykus with exasperation. "We are a little busy right now."

"I really can't believe you expect us to put up a fight in this dinghy of a ship." I had been hounding Draykus ever since we boarded, his ship was no star fighter that was for sure. Nothing about my trip to Kel Arcol had been easy though, so why start now? The ship was outfited with only a single laser cannon, hardly enough to battle a cunning man like Serood, even on a slow hauler class vessel. We had been trying to track down Serood for a while, he had left the station far enough ahead of us to pilot his ship out of sight. Discouraged, we began to turn back towards the massive station. We had called reinforcements and hoped that they would have better luck than we had. As we turned back toward the docking area, we finally got the break we needed.

As luck would have it, there were five large ships heading into the dock that we had left from. "We'll just go around to Dock 12," Draykus said. "It's around on the other side of the station but it'll be faster to dock there, rather than wait for all of these ships to gain clearance." "Fine Draykus," I said with disappointment. "I usually find the men I'm looking for and so far I'm zero for two this trip." Draykus gave me a half-assed fake smile and swung the ship around toward Dock 12. Just when I was about to lay back and relax, something caught my eye. "Draykus? What was the call number on Serood's ship?" "K5592, Why?" "Well... good news my friend, I believe we have found him." Hiding in a nook in the central ring, where the stations waste was generally dumped, hovered Serood's ship He had been hiding in the stations massive waste shoot awaiting his chance for escape. He had made an error in calculation and assumed that now was the proper time to escape undetected.

"GET A LOCK ON HIM KRAAUS!!" My heart rate must have almost been to lethal levels, I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself down. Just as I was about to get a lock on the ship, it shot away with incredible speed for a vessel of it's type. "We're in pursuit! Kraaus let me know when you have a lock!" "Will Do!" Draykus turned the ship so violently that it almost sent me tumbling out of my seat. Soon enough we were coming up behind the surprisingly fast hauler. Looking at my HUD I could see that we were finally in range. "I have a lock!" "Fire!" Just as I was about the squeeze the trigger, a huge pulse shook the ship, and the warning sirens sounded. Shaking off the blaring noise, I took control of the firing mechanism again and squeezed. Nothing. Again. Nothing. "They have disabled the guns!" "Stand down Kraaus, we have his call number, we have no choice but to try to find the ship again later, we have to turn around." "AAAHHHHHH!!" I was so angry, I never lose. Not my style, but since I wasn't piloting the ship I didn't have much choice in the matter. we turned the ship around and radioed Chief Luganis. "We lost him for now chief, radio all surrounding pla-shhhhsshshshsshshh."

Something had happened, we had lost all power to the ship. No radio, no weapons, no power at all we were just sitting ducks at the mercy of space. Lieutenant Luganis made himself useful for the first time since we entered the vessel, if you could call it that. He frantically pushed buttons, twisted wheels, threw wrenches at controls, and generally sunk into hysteria. "How are we going to get out of here! We're trapped! We're tra-" All of a sudden the ship shook so violently that we all fell to the floor, I quickly got up and looked out the window, there in all it's glory was Serood's ship, hatch open slowly drawing us in. "It's a tractor beam, it's docking us with his ship, I think we are in for a different kind of fight than we bargained for... face to face."
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