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1. Who are you?

My name is Grant Early, I'm a student of Social Science at the University of North Texas. Armen Khachiyants, the model for Tamzarian, is my good friend and regular contributor.

2. What is Roosterman?

Roosterman is an animated GIF comic series done in the pixel art style, set in the Stargate universe. It is best described as part fan fiction, part panel comic, and part episodic show. I try to keep Roosterman fresh and interesting by mixing elements of action, comedy, and drama, just as a real television show would. Above all what you're going to find in my comics is a fun story built around my good friends and my favorite cultural references.

3. How are the comics made?

Since conception, Roosterman has been made almost entirely with Macromedia Fireworks. I still use an original Mac OS version, through Classic, primarily because I'm so used to it. The quantity of frames and number of objects sometimes becomes resource intensive, especially under emulation, but I feel that to learn a new program like Flash would put me out of the niche that I've embraced. The animated GIF format offers maximum compatibility, and usually seamless playing quality. Still, if an episode is not running smoothly in your browser, you can save it and use a viewer like the Quicktime Player.

4. Why the 'Banter and Brawl' comic?

I change the subtitles of new episodes regularly, but this is the most prevalent individual one. Banter and Brawl is a forum on the Ambrosia Software website, where I have my biggest fan base and derive the majority of my characters. You can thank their support and personalities for the very existence of the comic.

5. Why the Stargate universe?

I adore Stargate, and the excellent writing of SG-1 and Atlantis is a great inspiration to me. You'll find that a lot of my story elements are pulled right from Stargate episodes. I've never claimed to be completely original, but I try to make Roosterman as unique as possible in its own right. All such references are my own modest attempt at fan fiction.

6. So Hectorland is not Earth?

That's a complicated question that I intend to resolve over time through retconning. The short answer is no - Hectorland is a planet far away from Earth and the affairs of the Milky Way galaxy (and thus separate from the storyline of SG-1). It is inhabited by humans and animal-like humanoid hybrids. The presence of popular culture references from Earth (such as the Chrysler commercial from episode 12) and Khrushchev's Soviet-era New Russian nation remain unexplained, and honestly I do not know yet how I will accommodate them. However, I consider retconning a welcome logical challenge, and I'll get there eventually.