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Season 6

Joined by Doctor Hamster (Alec Ingulsrud), Roosterman's illustrious teammates explore their personal capacities for heroism in the fight against the Boat Police and Beanie's fearsome Jaffa army. Confounded by President Scythe (Jack Campbell) and his political advisor Mr. Walk (Matthew Walker), Guapo's loyalists return their flag to New Russia in the hopes of defeating Beanie's forces and liberating their homeland once more.

Episode 38 - A Quantum Solace
[Released 9-16-09, 5:40, 2.1mb]
With Hectorland obliterated, Tamzarian must change the past to set things right.

Episode 37 - The Sickness
[Released 2-13-09, 5:13, 1.5mb]
Roosterman's teammates encounter a new goa'uld and unravel the Bird Flu mystery.

Episode 36 - Katerei
[Released 11-12-08, 5:45, 1.5mb]
The Fermenter checks up on the state of his realm, with dire consequences.

Episode 35 - Seaquest
[Released 11-14-07, 5:18, 1.7mb]
Roosterman returns to the Sealab and attempts to disable its disruption field.

Episode 34 - Executive Decisions
[Released 8-20-07, 5:29, 676k]
Scythe's rise to the presidency spells disaster for Roosterman's plans.

Season 5

The lines defining Roosterman's distinctive team are blurred as he and his friends become agents of Hectorland and New Russia. As part of a united council with the Fermenter and the Negroids, these nations address threats like the Boat Police and Beanie with their combined resources.

Episode 33 - The Best Laid Plans
[Released 6-10-07, 4:35, 584k]
The nations of Hectorland solidify their alliance in the face of attack.

Episode 32 - Power Failure
[Released 6-10-07, 5:44, 808k]
The Boat Police and a new election further complicate things for Hectorland.

Episode 31 - Within the Lair
[Released 1-9-07, 4:38, 948k]
The team races to cure Roosterman while Tamzarian escapes from his captors.

Episode 30 - Man in the Box
[Released 10-17-06, 4:22, 412k]
Roosterman falls mysteriously ill, and the conclusion to the legend is revealed.

Episode 29 - The Legend
[Released 10-17-06, 5:05, 540k]
An old comrade returns bringing the legend of Mazca's original defeat.

Episode 28 - The Boat Police
[Released 5-21-06, 4:45, 628k]
Roosterman and his team discover a bizarre foe with roots in Hectorland's past. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 27 - Without a Cause
[Released 3-15-06, 4:33, 608k]
Roosterman searches for the lost Lenos while Tamzarian accepts new duties. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 26 - Closer to Home
[Released 10-22-05, 3:50, 716k]
Roosterman catches up on affairs at home until the return of Flatticus.

Season 4

Resigned to New Russia during Mazca's dominion of Hectorland, Roosterman's team devotes their efforts toward completing the Legacy Device and using it to liberate their home. They no sooner succeed in their task than they discover a singularity of Roosterman's own creation, threatening to tear the planet apart.

Episode 25 - Singular Desire
[Released 9-21-05, 3:33, 428k]
Roosterman delivers the spirit Kristikis through the singularity doorway. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 24 - Lost and Found
[Released 9-2-05, 3:52 (4:37), 472k]
Roosterman is visited by higher beings who reveal their role in recent events. Part 1 of 2. Features a special recap segment.

Episode 23 - Fruits of Labor
[Released 7-19-05, 3:38, 328k]
Roosterman tends to both the costs and benefits of newfound freedom.

Episode 22 - Love Your Enemy
[Released 7-3-05, 3:42, 360k]
Roosterman attempts a daring plan to defeat Mazca in one swift move.

Episode 21 - Emancipation
[Released 6-4-05, 2:58, 400k]
Roosterman seeks the crystal that was used to create the Negroids.

Episode 20 - Puzzle Pieces
[Released 4-24-05, 2:53, 348k]
Roosterman rescues a former henchman of Hector's from the dungeons.

Episode 19 - The Legacy
[Released 4-3-05, 3:01, 340k]
Roosterman finds an artifact after crashing in remote territory.

Season 3

With Hector on the way out, Roosterman and his newfound allies in New Russia defend Hectorland against Beanie's mothership, even as its people endure the oppression of Mazca's reign.

Episode 18 - The Cat Matrix
[Released 12-30-04, 2:46, 332k]
Roosterman races to disable Beanie's power source and escape in time. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 17 - Beanie Arrives
[Released 11-6-04, 3:27, 384k]
Roosterman must stop Beanie's mothership from destroying Hectorland. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 16 - First Agenda
[Released 7-25-04, 3:26, 328k]
Roosterman finds a new ally in the west while Mazca terrorizes Hectorland.

Episode 15 - Changing Plans
[Released 4-4-04, 2:35, 600k]
Roosterman is pursued by a supersoldier seeking the Miracle-Bro plans.

Episode 14 - Succession
[Released 3-20-04, 3:59, 632k]
Special Edition. Hector's desperate attempt at fending off the Fermenter unleashes an even bigger threat.

Season 2

Hector's long dictatorship begins to see its first serious threats in the form of Battledoctor and the Fermenter. Hector's researchers devise the revolutionary Miracle-Bro compound, but even the might of the Negroids is put to the test by the resolve of the Fermenter's campaign.

Episode 13 - The Fair Escape
[Released 12-15-03, 2:25, 252k]
Hector's henchmen plot his escape from the Fermenter's lair.

Episode 12 - Hell of a Town
[Released 10-15-03, 3:02, 340k]
Roosterman observes the minor chaos caused by war in Hectorland.

Episode 11 - Reckoning
[Released 9-20-03, 3:14, 332k]
Battledoctor abducts Guapo and lures Roosterman to some nearby mountains.

Episode 10 - Fantasy Island
[Released 9-8-03, 3:36, 324k]
Battledoctor is sought to answer for his previous attack.

Episode 9 - Miracle-Bro
[Released 8-31-03, 3:02, 328k]
Roosterman learns of a dangerous chemical in Hector's possession.

Episode 8 - Battledoctor Attacks
[Released 2-1-03, 2:29, 340k]
Roosterman must defend Hector against a strike by Battledoctor.

Episode 7 - Obey Your Thirst
[Released 11-28-02, 2:20, 328k]
Newfound companion Siduo initiates a questionable mission.

Season 1

During his adolescence, Roosterman begins to form the character and principles that will lead him into a career of freedom fighting for the good of his fellow citizens.

Episode 6 - Search or Destroy
[Released 7-1-02, 1:54, 324k]
Battledoctor's virtual reality continues to fool Roosterman.

Episode 5 - None the Wiser
[Released 3-31-02, 1:52, 200k]
Battledoctor pulls Roosterman and friends into a virtual reality, where they are made to think that he is their ally on an interstellar quest against Hector.

Episode 4 - Onward New Silents
[Released 1-12-02, 1:01, 88k]
Roosterman has a dream in which his friends confront a group of ruffians.

Episode 3 - Ambrosia's 2002 Line
[Released 1-3-02, 1:10, 88k]
Roosterman and Pikeman watch a commercial on the television.

Episode 2 - Cadet Strikes Back
[Released 12-26-01, 1:23, 76k]
Roosterman, Akula, and Necro stand outside a museum entrance.

Episode 1 - The Glass is Half Full
[Released 12-18-01, 0:55, 52k]
Roosterman and Tripps go to the corner store.